photographing what's left
12:30 to 4:30 pm
august 14, 1999
oakland, CA
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Image of t0814mosswoodpk.jpg
mosswood park
Image of t0814crowdcss.jpg
crowd with cs soong
Image of t0814keithcarson.jpg
keith carson
Image of t0814normansolomon.jpg
norman solomon
Image of t0814mito.jpg
Image of t0814tsadae.jpg
Image of t0814deebledinger.jpg
sound meisters
Image of t0814darleneric.jpg
darlene and ric
Image of t0814puppet.jpg
Image of t0814lb.jpg
linda bell
Image of t0814crowd3front.jpg
stage area
Image of t0814alisonjohns.jpg
alison johns
Image of t0814crowd2back.jpg
crowd and tables
Image of t0814raqueledget.jpg
raquel and edget
Image of t0814normanjayo.jpg
norman jayo
Image of t0814leonawhite.jpg
leona white
Image of t0814ricopabon.jpg
raymond rico pabon
Image of t0814appspeaker.jpg
speaking for diversity
Image of t0814rebeccacaplan.jpg
rebecca caplan
Image of t0814crowd4out.jpg
side crowd
Image of t0814iyadeleon.jpg
iya de leon
Image of t0814wendellharper.jpg
wendell harper
Image of t0814mumiabus.jpg
mumia bus

announcements were made on kpfa, midweek prior to aug 14th, that this rally had been cancelled. soon after, further announcements contradicted the cancellation announcement. subsequent on-air rally announcements appeared to have an attribution attached, 'barbara said the rally will occur.'
on the morning of the 14th i called the free pacifica site's listed number for this rally hoping to get information, and instead heard an unrelated recording.
enthusiasm waning i called a friend and asked if she had any interest in taking a trip to oakland and attending a rally in support of kpfa. normally any opportunity to escape the mid-summer oppressive valley heat is taken, but this has been an unusually mild summer, and being my misanthropic equal i had decided linda's response would determine my own.
we left sacramento sometime after 11 am. however, by the time we were crossing the bridge near martinez we were no longer speaking to each other. further detailing would not flatter either of us.  
this could have been predicted as we have known each other for 20 years.
it was time to tune in kpfa.

our conversation picked up again as we began to approach possible freeway exits.
once safely off the freeway our spirits soared as we passed interesting older oakland commercial buildings.
joining the rally in progress i began taking my usual kind of snapshots, and linda recorded some of what was said.
it was a great afternoon.

i have heard several complaints that things didn't look right when they checked out our pages.

i will attempt a 'fix' in the near future.

once again i have the fotos arranged in the order taken, with a couple exceptions
during a struggle it is difficult to keep in mind, but we are, right now, creating an important moment in history.
the outcome of this conflict will determine whether radical/progressive information will continue to be broadcast.
in solidarity.