photographing what's left
       june 28, 1999
       kpfa/pacifica offices
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Image of tguard.jpg
              the guards
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Image of tlavarnwilliams.jpg
              lavarn williams
Image of tmikealcalay.jpg
              mike alcalay
Image of tandreabuffa.jpg
              andrea buffa
Image of tkirstenthomas.jpg
              kirsten thomas
Image of trobbieosman.jpg
              robbie osman
Image of tcrowd.jpg
Image of tmaryberg.jpg
            barbara lubin
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Image of trussjennings.jpg
              russ jennings
Image of tmuni.jpg
Image of tmiguelmolina.jpg
              miguel molina
Image of tsierra.jpg
              sierra and jane
Image of tmaudelleshirek.jpg
              maudelle shirek
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Image of tdill.jpg
              ellen dillinger
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                the end

fotos dick wood

july 1, 1999
to reiterate..
the purpose of this site is to provide fotos of kpfa/pacifica street action, and an occasional commentary.
for a full account of kpfa/pacifica issues and actions consult the links on our home page.
please use our comments page (comment button on home page) for factual corrections, requests to use fotos, and what not.
i hope these fotos encourage everyone to attend  the rallys.
at this stage in our struggle to regain kpfa our numbers appear to represent our greatest strength. we must demonstrate that our community will not allow our station to be stolen from us by that stinker chadwick and a board apparently serving the interests of the ruling class.
so come out in the streets and join our community in support of kpfa.